Chigwell Honey

We are lucky to have several great apiaries in Chigwell – This includes Chigwell Nurseries on the High Road where the owner Jill allows us to keep hives and the bees have an amazing varied list of plants to forage on. This of course includes the plants in the nursery but also the other local land that has a large amount of blackberry and garden flowers. This normally gives a very good floral honey that is medium to dark in colour that is likely to remain runny.

A second apiary is situated to the south of Chigwell Village and provides similar honey. The third apiary is towards Chigwell Row and we believe that the bees have found borage as the honey is often very clear and stays runny, however it beside an area of forest that has given it a  lovely golden tan hue with nice deep flavour.

A latest apiary will be ready in the the spring and will provide a Chigwell meadow honey, as is is situated in a lovely field surrounded by farm crops, meadows, brambles and grassland. We are really looking forward to seeing what this honey tastes like.