Warm Honey Drink

The first drink of the day is a really important one. This recipe is a common one and seems to originate form several places, in any event it makes a slightly spicy and refreshing drink which is taken before anything in the morning. The drink is made with warm water, that is water you can drink more or less straight away so no need to boil the kettle just get the water to about 60 degrees or so. This allows the ingredients to retain their properties and not be destroyed by excessive heat.

Simply add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of raw honey to a cup of very warm water.

Give it a good stir and drink.

The natural sugars are an instant pick you up and provide instant energy the apple cyder vinegar provides a balance to the sweetness and helps the stomach get ready for the digestion of the breakfast you will soon consume.

An addition to the mixture if you like a really spicy version is a quarter teaspoon of quality Turmeric.