Honey Paleo Crunch

Honey Paleo Crunch is a simple to make and very effective slow release cereal. What this means is that there is plenty of energy in the recipe, but it is not released all at once as with many mass produced sugary breakfast meals. Using the Honey Paleo Crunch as the basis for a breakfast provides a stream of nutrients throughout the morning, the idea being to ward off unnecessary snacking and to provide a controlled level of energy release. It is made with wholly unprocessed ingredients and of course contains natural fructose, glucose and sucrose from the honey.


  • Pumpkin seeds 125g
  • Sunflower seeds 125g
  • Almond meal (ground almond) 250g
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut 250g
  • Chopped mixed nuts 500g
  • Coconut oil 65g
  • Raw honey 125g
  • Vanilla essence (to taste) 2-4 tsp
  • Ground cinnamon 2 tbsp

Prepare all the dry ingredients and place into a large mixing bowl. 

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds, ground almond, shredded coconut and the chopped nuts.

Mix these all together evenly.

If you can use a pestle and mortar to grind the cinnamon from sticks it has a much better flavour. Sprinkle this into the mixing bowl and combine evenly into the other ingredients. 

That’s all the dry ingredients.

The coconut oil is likely to be a solid so it is recommended to warm it a little in the microwave or over a gentle heat until it is liquid to this add the honey and vanilla. 

The honey and coconut oil will resist combination but try to get it as mixed as you can and then drizzle into the mixing bowl trying to get it evenly distributed across the whole mixture.

Give the whole thing a stir until the wet ingredients are evenly coted on the dry ones.

Place the mixture onto a baking tray and try for a fairly thin layer around 2cm. Use two baking trays if needed.

The baking tray goes into a preheated oven @ 165C for 25 minutes. 

The idea is to brown all the ingredients very slightly so a little shuffling and turning half way through will improve the final look of the crunch.

Allow to rest and thoroughly dry off before storage.

Store the Honey Paleo Crunch in airtight containers.

Serving suggestion.

The Honey Paleo crunch is best used as the base for a fresh breakfast with fruit and berries and dried fruits.

Below is broad idea of a recipe which you can adapt to your own choice of fruits to taste. 

The point is that it is all fresh and contains only natural sugars and nothing is processed.

Slice half a cored apple into half moon shaped slivers and then dice them.

Add some dried fruit. Raisins, apricots, redberries etc,  a desert spoon of each make sure everything is diced and not an overwhelming size compared to the raisins.

Finally, fresh raspberries or blueberries 4 or 5 of each.

A little coconut milk to finish off.

This is not a breakfast one can spoon in and swallow it needs to be eaten and chewed and takes a little time but the effect is worth it.