Beekeeping experiences

Have you ever wondered what happens inside a beehive?

Or what honey tastes direct from the comb?

Or the history of bees and beekeeping?

Our experiences will answer all of those during a two-hour session at our apiary on the London Essex border.

You will be kitted out in beekeeping suits and explore the inside the frames looking for the queen, identifying nectar, pollen, eggs, larva, and, of course, honey.

If you would like under 18’s to participate then contact to discuss.

The cost for an in-depth experience, including a jar of our honey to take home is £55

We will run one last beekeeping experience for 2023 on the 13th August at Dallance Farm, Upshire between 10am and 12.30pm

We will have a short presentation around bees, beekeeping and their life cycle before putting on suits, lighting smokers and venturing into the hives to see the bees at work. Hopefully see the queen and definitely be tasting honey from the comb. You will leave with a jar of honey from the Dallance Farm bees.

If you would like to reserve a place please sent an email with the names of those attending with rough height and size to ensure we have sufficient suits – ‘5’8″ and medium’ for example. All equipment and gloves will be provided. 

The cost will be £55 per person, with cheque, cash or transfer to

Account : 88306248

Sort Code : 60-83-71

Account name : Robin Harman     (business account)

Best wishes and we look forward to hearing from you.

Robin Harman / Katy Langley or 07971237312