Beekeeping Course

Ever fancied becoming a beekeeper? Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one who has always wanted to learn beekeeping. Epping Forest Honey Co offer beekeeping courses for beginners in the Essex area that will provide you with enough beekeeping knowledge to look after your own colony of honey bees.

What to expect from your beekeeping course?

The introduction to beekeeping will begin in a local hall where budding beekeepers will learn beekeeping basics including the following:

  • What to expect from beekeeping and where you can place your hive.
  • The life cycle of the honey bee
  • Cost of bees, equipment and where and what to purchase (please do not buy anything before the course as it is a minefield).
  • Swarm control.
  • Making of frames.
  • Extraction methods.
  • BBKA / Insurances, National Bee Unit and Epping Forest Beekeepers Association.
  • As part of the beekeeping course we will also distribute our teaching book – the Haynes Bee Manual – which we consider the best on the market for beginning beekeeping and it will be yours to keep. We will ask that you familiarise yourself with various sections prior to the weekend. So yes, you will have homework!

Beekeeping Theory / Practical beekeeping day courses

This will take place from 9am until 5pm each day at one of our home apiaries. All protective equipment will be provided.

The days will be spent beekeeping and covering what it involves in detail. You will identify all brood stages, queen cells, pollen, nectar along with the different castes of honey bees within different hives.

You will perform various manipulations including a weekly inspection, completing notes, swarm control, upgrading small nucleus colonies to hives along with finding and marking queens for easy identification.

We will also discuss the various pests and disease and how to deal with them along with further theory sessions.

On the Sunday afternoon we will visit one of our larger local out apiaries where you will be expected to individually inspect a whole colony as if it was your own.

This course will put you in a position where you can safely and competently keep your own colony of bees.

If you are interested then email us via